Student Spotlight: Adam Maggard, 2014 Master of Social Work Graduate

I attended the UK off campus Master of Social Work (MSW) program from 2011-2014.  My experience in the UK MSW program was challenging but very rewarding.  During my time in the program, I worked full time and attended school full time.  UK staff worked with me and provided flexibility and if it wasn’t for that, I might not have been able to finish my degree.  I graduated from the UK MSW program on 5/10/14 and started in a comp care facility as a therapist in July 2014.  I obtained became a Certified Social Worker (CSW) and started working towards becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  I became a LCSW on 1/30/2018.  I worked with the comp care until April 2019 then I took the position of clinic coordinator with a different comp care, Mountain Comprehensive Care Center (MCCC).  In August of 2019, I took the KY River Regional Coordinator position with MCCC and worked on developing programs, improving services, and expanding services in Letcher, Knott, Leslie, and Perry counties.  Most recently in early June, I accepted the position of Director of Southern Kentucky for MCCC.  I have focused on improving mental health and substance use services while also looking to offer new programs and treatment in the area that hasn’t been offered before.  I hope to continue working on expanding services and improving access to behavioral health to individuals in Eastern Kentucky.

Adam was featured on WYMT in May for Mental Health Awareness Month. To read the news story, click here.