Medical Laboratory Sciences

The Medical Laboratory Science (formerly Clinical Laboratory Science) program at the University of Kentucky began in 1933 and  was one of the first programs in the United States. The program has evolved over the years and has graduates worldwide that have worked in the field. The 18-month program provides sequential instruction in laboratory medicine for the student who has been well prepared in science and mathematics during the first 2 years of study at the university. Traditional students apply to the program in the second semester of the sophomore year and begin Medical Laboratory Science courses in the fall of the junior year. Students complete an intense curriculum that includes lectures and student laboratory classes, and then complete a 20-24 week clinical practicum in one of our affiliated clinical sites. Opportunities exist for the student who wishes to complete clinical practice in rural Kentucky sites. After completion of the MLS curriculum, students are well prepared for clinical practice in the modern, automated laboratory. Graduates are eligible to take national certification examinations as Medical Laboratory Scientists through the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification.