Kentucky - Demographics, Analytics, Trends and Access (K-DATA)

The University of Kentucky Center of Excellence in Rural Health (UK CERH) recognizes gathering data from multiple sources can be difficult and time-consuming. This document is comprised of various data points, sources, and figures in a central location to assist community members, grant writers, program developers, education programs, and others with supportive data for program development, goal setting, and evaluation. Data within this document has been analyzed so common regions of interest can be easily compared (Delta, Appalachian, Rural, Urban, State, and National).

Understanding Declining Rates of Drug Overdose Mortality in Eastern Kentucky

Researchers at the UK CERH and the Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis at the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago have released a report detailing the findings of a study conducted to understand possible factors that contribute to Eastern Kentucky leading the nation in declining overdose mortality rates.

COVID-19 Stakeholder Experiences in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

Researchers at the UK CERH have released COVID-19 Stakeholder Experiences in Kentucky, a report that details the findings of surveys taken by more than 900 healthcare providers, school leaders, community health workers and their clients, and community members in Kentucky during the summer and fall of 2020.