Since its establishment in 1990, the UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health has advocated for programs and services that support the wellbeing of rural communities. Each program at the Center aims to improve the health, social, and economic issues challenging our communities. The Center continues to adapt to the changing needs of our rural communities and is focused on pursuing opportunities that improve rural health across the state of Kentucky.

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Healthy WAY: Healthy WAY (Wellness in All Youth) is a leadership development and research training program designed to empower high school students with skills to identify and develop solutions to health and social issues at the school and community level.  

Kentucky Office of Rural Health: The UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health serves as the federally designated Kentucky Office of Rural Health. This program provides a framework for linking small rural communities with local, state and federal resources while working toward long-term solutions to rural health issues. 

Kentucky Homeplace: This community health worker program was created by the UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health to address health issues related to lifestyle choices, environmental factors, inadequate health insurance and general lack of understanding of the healthcare system. Their mission is to provide access to medical, social and environmental services for the citizens of the Commonwealth.