Social Work Scholarships


Scholarship Application Form

 Social Work Evelyn J. Black Memorial Fund (BASW, MSW, Ph.D.)

This scholarship is awarded to a Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral Social Work student. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be currently admitted and in good standing.

College of Social Work Alumni Scholarship Fund (BASW, MSW)

This is awarded to a Bachelor and Masters of Social Work Student. To be elligible for this scholarship, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. – Age 30 or older;

  2. – Responsible for minor children

  3. – Returning to school after an absence of 5 years or more; and

  4. – In need of Financial Assistance

If you meet all of the aforementioned criteria, please include these details in your essay in the scholarship application.

Jaishree Bansal Memorial Scholarship (BASW; MSW)

Awarded to currently admitted/enrolled Social Work junior or senior bachelor students or master’s level with a SW 3.0 GPA & financial need. Preference given to international students.

Bernard A. & Marjorie E. Ward Scholarship in Gerontology (BASW; MSW)

Applicants must be entering senior year or first year of graduate school that has shown a continuous interest in the needs of senior citizens.

John Henry & Bessie Puyear Ballantine Endowment Scholarship Fund (MSW; PhD)

Awarded to a graduate student who: 1) has been a practicing social worker in western Kentucky or demonstrated through work experience a commitment to serving the population of that area & will be actively involved in research designed to enhance quality of life for those living in western Kentucky; 2) if no candidates meet #1, than students from outside western Kentucky who meet remainder of criteria shall be considered.

Jewels in the Mountains Scholarship Endowment (MSW; PhD)

Applicants of: 1) Master level that is a resident of southeastern Kentucky & will serve same population, or 2) MSW, native Kentuckian & will serve the SE Kentucky, or 3) Doctoral student, native Kentuckian & will serve in SE Kentucky.

The Beaven-Eidetik Research Fellowship in Developmental Disabilities and Mental Retardation (MSW)

Awarded to a student who has a Bachelor Social Work degree from accredited program; completed all 600 level or equivalent courses required for Master Social Work program; exhibits interest in specified field of study & interested in cooperative educational program sponsored by donor.

Martha Davis Fellowship Fund (MSW)

This scholarship is awarded to Master level Social Work students who reside from eastern Kentucky.

Beaven-Eidetik Doctoral Research Fellowship

Awarded to applicant with preference given to: 1) native Kentuckian engaged in research of developmental disabilities or mental retardation; 2) native Kentuckian engaged in research in human services delivery; 3) native Kentuckian engaged in research in social work practice or education; 4) UK SW doctoral student.