Early Childhood Behavior Study

When children between the ages of 3 and 5 have very challenging behaviors, it can put them at risk for problems when they enter elementary school. Early childhood behavior problems can sometimes develop into even worse problems later on, including school failure, school drop-out, substance abuse, and legal problems.


Luckily, several great prevention programs have been developed to help parents address early childhood behavior challenges before their kids even reach kindergarten. These programs help prepare kids and parents for success in school and can prevent many behavior issues later on.


However, getting these programs out to parents in rural areas is not easy. In our new study, we are hoping to find out what parents and community members like you think about how best to help parents prevent behavior problems and prepare their preschool-aged children for success in school and beyond. Study participation would involve meeting with an interviewer for approximately one hour to talk about your opinions and views about how best to help reduce child behavior problems in our community. Your thoughts and advice will be an important part of developing a community-based effort to prevent behavior problems among young children and support parents who may be struggling with some of their child’s behaviors.


See attached Letter of Introduction (pdf)



Wayne Noble

Clinical Research Protocol Coordinator

UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health

750 Morton Blvd.

Hazard, KY 41701