Increasing the Medical School Applicant Pool: A Key to Training More Rural Physicians
Workforce studies show shortages of physicians in many areas of the United States. These shortages are especially severe in states such as Kentucky with many rural counties and are predicted to worsen in the future unless there are changes throughout our educational system to build aspirations and prepare students for medical school education. The article was published in the September 2009 issue of the Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association. 

Addressing Cervical Cancer in Central Appalachia
Rural women, particularly those residing in Appalachia, have some of the nation’s highest cervical cancer mortality rates. With support from federal and private grants, the University of Kentucky Center for Excellence in Rural Health-Hazard is attempting to address this issue. Eastern Kentucky-based researchers are surveying 18- to 26-year-old female community health center patients and college students about their risk factors for the disease, and then offering them free Gardasil, a vaccine against the virus that causes most cervical cancer cases. The poster was presented at the National Rural Health Association’s 32nd Annual Rural Health Conference, May 6-8, 2009, in Miami, FL.