House Calls - 21st Century Style: A Home Health Technology Project in Rural Kentucky
With support from a state grant, the University of Kentucky (UK) Center for Excellence in Rural Health, Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH), Kentucky Homeplace and other partners have implemented telehealth into the homes of approximately 40 patients who face mobility or communication issues. The article was published in the Spring 2008 issue of Rural Roads, a quarterly publication of the National Rural Health Association. 

The Impact of Health on Kentucky's Economy
All states are strongly committed to economic development policies and activities as participants in national and global competition. However, a sometimes overlooked and perhaps under appreciated influence on economic development is the health of a state’s citizens. This study focuses on how the health status of Kentucky profoundly influences its economy, workforce, productivity, and general quality of life. The article was published in the July 2008 issue of the Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association.  

State of Health in Northern Kentucky:  How We Compare, Why it Matters to Business
County-level data is becoming increasingly important for rural health planning. This presentation analyzes the health of several northern Kentucky counties and the potential consequences for the region’s employers.

Southeastern Kentucky Physician Assistant Needs Assessment
UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health-Hazard’s most recent health care workforce study. It examines the distribution of physician assistants in Kentucky, revealing that Eastern Kentucky has a 26 percent undersupply relative to the state average and a 43 percent shortage compared to the national per capita rate. The report also surveys Eastern Kentucky health care providers’ anticipated short-term need for the mid-level practitioners and establishes that a sufficient applicant pool exists to support placement of a regional physician assistant campus within the region. The report was completed in June 2008 by the University of Kentucky Center of Excellence in Rural Health.